Action Plan for 2014-2017






1. Expand Section’s international profile

(1) Contact all national psychiatric associations, informing about the Section and asking contact of potentially interested psychiatrists

(2) Collaboration with Religion and Spirituality (R/S) sections of national psychiatric associations (e.g. USA, UK, Brazil, South Africa)

2. Improve Section’s website

3. Improve the content and circulation of the newsletter Psyche and Spirit

4. Fostering transcultural research on spirituality and mental health

(1) Disseminate information about research methods and R/S scales in several languages

(2) Network of researchers from different countries

5. Organizing conferences, symposia and workshops (including joint activities with other WPA’s Sections) in national and international psychiatric conferences, especially at

(1) Global meeting in Spirituality and Mental Health (Florianópolis, Brazil 4­7 Nov 2015)

(2) WPA International Congress (Cape Town, South Africa 18­22 Nov 2016)

(3) 17th WPA World Congress of Psychiatry (Berlin, Germany 8­12 Oct 2017)

6. Development of a WPA position statement on R/S

7. Publication of papers on R/S and mental health

8. Preparation of guidelines for

(1) Clinical implications of spirituality

(2) Including R/S in medical schools and psychiatry residences